Firearms question

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Firearms question

Post  Stanley Putski on Tue Feb 12, 2013 4:14 am

If I understand correctly Falling Waters is using Dark Epics rules with firearms. If so, the
Assault Rifle has a rate of 4 & a clip of 30 rounds. The full auto
definition says it uses 10 rounds to perform the action.

Question: Can a Garou spend 2 rage, for a total of 3 actions, and make 3 full auto shots
for the round? Per the rules it seems the answer is a straight
forward yes but I want to be sure I'm not overlooking something.

Assault Rifle

Bonus Traits: 3
Negative Traits: Loud
Concealability: NA
Damage: Two health levels
Rate: Four
Special Ability: Fully Automatic, Spray, Two-Hand Requirement, [30-round clip]

Fully Automatic: A firearm with this ability is capable of emptying dozens
of rounds into a single target at close range. By expending 10 bullets
in a single attack, this weapon inflicts an extra health level of damage
automatically due to the sheer volume of fire. Once the clip is empty,
the character must spend one action reloading the weapon before he may
fire again.
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