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Quick Rules Announcements. Empty Quick Rules Announcements.

Post  Stbrian on Thu Jan 17, 2013 8:35 pm

Three quick rules/game announcements.

(1) Since we never actually put it in the House Rules, though we've been running it that way: Influences are capped at 2 at Character Generation, though certain Tribal bennies can get you to three.

(2) All Garou receive the following benefits in Crinos: At Rank 1: All strikes deal at least Lethal Damage. At Rank 2: Receive a retest on all Strength bases Challenges. Rank 3: Can throw the Bomb of Strength based Challenges. Rank 4: Can bid a "Potent" trait that cannot be lost. Rank 5: Win all Ties in Strength Based Challenges.

(3) Starting after next session, we will be opening open, IC "Moot" threads between each session for open discussions (Cracking the bone, etc).


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