Bull Roarer ( 1942 - 2012 )

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Bull Roarer ( 1942 - 2012 )

Post  Stbrian on Tue Feb 21, 2012 2:37 am

A stone bust in a secluded corner of the Hall, with a simple bronze placard:

" Here we Remember Bull Roarer
Elder, Uktena, Philadox, Last of his Line, Keeper of Secrets.

He Saved Falling Waters. "


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Re: Bull Roarer ( 1942 - 2012 )

Post  Wishbone on Tue Feb 21, 2012 12:42 pm

A plaque of bone has been laid before this tomb. It is largish, and the words carved into it are small, for the message is long.

The preface reads:

"He gave up all to go into the dark and bring Her back. Let his words not be forgotten."

"To any of my kin who receive this message. Know that I have died. Whether in triumph or despair I cannot know. I have no estates to bequeath in the normal sense, no land or money to pass on to my various children. You have my love and respect, that will have to suffice. I do have certain items in my possession that must be passed on to worthy heirs however.

'To whoever hears this. Know that I possessed the Horn of the Dawn. One of the last fetishes of our Elder Tribe. I have given this to certain spirits who, if they have followed my instructions faithfully, have brought the Horn to a resting place in the Fimbulwinter of the Legendary Realm. Let the Garou who is worthy of this great artifact seek it out, but know you will be gravely tested. Only the most worthy Garou will have earned the right to find the Horn. May it serve you as faithfully as it has the last ten of my line.

'To whoever hears this. Know that Seta-rhya has given me the formal title of Alpha of this Sept so that I might wield his symbol of office. The spear has a way of finding its proper owner, so I presume it has already found its way back to Seta or his heir, but let it be known that on my death I relinquish all rights to this ancient Fetish.

'To whoever hears this. The extreme measures I am about to undertake to rescue our Maid will require the destruction of a Caern. Let it be known to all spirits listening that this shame I take completely upon myself. None of the others are culpable, no one else carries this shame. If, by some miracle, one of my pack should walk beneath the moon again, let him be found clean of my sin.

'I lived a long life. Too long, I think. I think I have earned a rest. This is a beautiful world, and worth fighting for, but it is time for a new generation to shoulder the load. I do not know you, but you have my blessing, which is more than mere formality."

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