OOC: Space Awesomeness

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OOC: Space Awesomeness

Post  STBucky on Sat Jun 29, 2013 4:24 am

Unrelated to LARP but, Me and Mark will be representing Buffalo gamers in taking the fight to the Russians and Europeans on Star Conflict Saturday at Noon.

I know this is a weekend without a larp so I figured, why not promote it, eh? Stop in and say hi and show some support.

Check out live twitch feeds info on the bottom.




Saturday June 29th 2013

8pm Moscow, Noon Eastern, 9am Pacific

T3 Realistic - Capture the Beacon.

Both matches are best of 5 series.

Loser picks next map and spawn point.

No premium ammo / missiles.


Live streaming:





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Re: OOC: Space Awesomeness

Post  Thomas Rhodes on Sat Jun 29, 2013 12:39 pm

What's the difference between those three channels?

And what are your and Mark's tags, so we can cheer on our own?

UPDATE: The latter two channels appear to be Russian, which isn't all that helpful. The first stream is (as of 1240) offline.

UPDATE 2: As of now (1300), the http://www.twitch.tv/ez2bbad stream seems to be live and in English. Good luck, guys!

{OOC: Nathan H.}
Thomas Rhodes
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