Laying in state

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Laying in state

Post  Young Frank on Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:12 pm

*The bullet-riddled corpse of 'Ol Frank lies at the center of the Hall of Hallowed Heroes. His face appears restful, and someone has cleaned him up, and changed his clothes. Every few hours, a grief-ridden howl erupts from a room nearby, and people all over the cairn are startled. This is usually followed by the sound of running Garou, and Young Frank bursts into the Hall of Heroes and throws himself down at 'Ol Frank's feet, catatonic, whimpering occasionally, growling occasionally, and just generally seeming to be very very depressed.*

*Sometimes, someone eventually comes along and scoops him up, and returns him to the infirmary. Sometimes he sits there for a while. In neither case does he seem very aware of the event.*

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