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Post  Stbrian on Tue Sep 17, 2013 7:35 pm

All of our MES players, please fill out the following and get it back to us at your convienience.  This will help us build your style sheet.

Please choose how important each of the following components are to you in a game.
1 = Unimportant 2 = Not Very Important 3 = Neutral 4 = Very Important 5 = Extremely Important

  • Action
  • Combat (exclusive of PvP: PCs vs. NPCs)
  • Combat (PvP)
  • Social and Political Intrigue and Interaction
  • Personal Character Development and Storylines
  • Politics
  • Intellectual challenges and puzzles
  • Mysteries and enigmas
  • Downtime actions, stories and research
  • Long-term storylines that continue over 3+ months
  • Short storylines that are resolved in three months or less

Open Question

  • What sorts of storylines (plots) would interest you and would you want to participate in?
  • Is there anything you would prefer not to see or participate in when it comes to storylines?
  • On average, how many hours per week do you spend on IC matters for a character?
  • How important is downtime story to you and what would you like to see during downtimes?
  • What sort of character concept are you considering playing?


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