Brief Disciplinary Advisement

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Brief Disciplinary Advisement Empty Brief Disciplinary Advisement

Post  Stbrian on Wed Aug 28, 2013 5:42 pm

It's cool to screw with people IC if their toons aren't at session or even on the boards.  But don't get on folks OOC if they can't make session, if they don't respond to your messages quickly enough, or if they don't post to the boards.  Folks have to make choices about what they do with their free time, and gaming should always be an optional and fun thing.  This is a hobby, not a job.  The boards are an optional part of the gaming experience, and nobody should ever feel compelled to put time in here.  

There have been several cases of this over the last few years, and I've generally handled it with a quick chat on the side.  This is an escalation of that.  I hear about it again, I start stripping XP.  Then I start banning. 

It disappoints me to have to make statements like this.


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