Where is the Bawn and the Caern

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Where is the Bawn and the Caern Empty Where is the Bawn and the Caern

Post  Stbrian on Sat May 25, 2013 11:09 am

The Bawn : is a circle of area that includes all of Goat Island, the other surrounding Falls islands, the Niagara River and the Basin of the Falls. Below ground, it extends into the tunnels that surround the Hall of Hallowed Heroes. A bit of land on both the Canadian side and the American side is included, but not much.

Entrances to the Caern : There are two generally known entrances into the Caern - Jouney Behind the Falls on the Canadian side is run by Kinfolk and on a passageway in the tunnel there is a particular door that leads into the Caern proper. This door is heavily guarded by kinfolk on one side, spirits, traps and guardian pack on the other. All members of the Sept are given keys to this door.

The second entrance is in the Umbra and is entered by jumping off the Umbral Falls. It is said that those the Maid doesn't want in the Caern don't generally survive the jump.

Once underground, the Caern consists of several levels built as pancakes on top of each other:

The Great Hallway, living areas, pantries, kitches, armories etc are on the first level.

Below that is the Halls of Assembly, a large ampitheatre built for hundreds of Garou.

Below that is the Heart of the Caern, a primitive stone chamber with the Maid of the Mists at its center.

Below that is the Hall of Hallowed Heroes, a series of low tunnels that stretch out under the basin of the Falls.

Hope this helps clarify, by requests we'll put up seperate Umbral Bawn and Mundane Bawn boards sometime in the next few days.


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