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Underused Gifts

Post  Wishbone on Fri Mar 29, 2013 7:20 pm

Figured I'd start a thread on gifts that people tend to overlook. Sure, everyone knows that Falling Touch is powerful, and everyone can see the uses for Spirit Speech, but there are a lot of gifts out there that just don't get their due, in my opinion.

Let's start with...

Dreamspeak: Greay googly moogly, is this a useful gift. It's not going to help you out in combat, no, but think for a minute about what it does: it lets you take total control of someone else's dream. At any range. You can shape the dream any way you want; you can make anything you want happen in the dream.

Holy crap.

First off, with a little imagination, it's a great interrogation tool. Want to find out a vital password? What if the person who knows it has a dream where he has to enter the password on a computer in order to save his dearest friend? Want to know the big boss's plans? What if his flunky has a dream where the Big Boss himself demands that the flunky recite the plan, so he can be sure said flunky understands it?

It's also a great way to influence people. The CEO of that corporation that's cutting corners on waste disposal? What happens when he starts having horrific nightmares every night about his daughter being poisoned by toxic waste? That's likely to be enough to get anyone to rethink things.

It's important to remember that most people, while dreaming, aren't aware that it's a dream. If you're careful, this is damned near "Reshape reality to your whim," albeit with a lot of limits.

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