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Snippets of Headlines

Post  STMatthew on Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:34 am

UB has gotten a grant approved by Albany to expand their sleep study center at the Medical Campus after a noted influx of people requesting appointments and examinations. This motion came to pass after being booked solid for the last three months and appoints continue to be full for much of the next year. More psychologists and neurologists are being called in to staff the center and help investigate a sudden increase in cases of insomnia and chronic nightmares in the population that came about a few months ago.


During an emergency response to a house fire in an attempt to control it before it spread to the surrounding forest, two Angola firefighters wound up in this hospital for injuries when the water tank in one of the responding engines ruptured. One firefighter had his leg crushed by loose metal being pushed aside, another was struck by the wave of water the flowed out of it. However, while experts are still unsure what caused the failure in the holding tanks, in a peculiar and fortunate turn of events the surge successfully washed onto the home and surrounding property, extinguishing the fire.


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