In the Shadow of the Western Hills - Event Update

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In the Shadow of the Western Hills - Event Update Empty In the Shadow of the Western Hills - Event Update

Post  Stbrian on Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:10 pm

Hey folks,

Well, we've essentially filled our cabin slots for our June 14-16th event, only two spots remain as of this posting. Anybody who else who wants to come down either Friday or Saturday can register with us whenever they like. This remains a primarily local-only game, but feel free to get the word out to anybody else with a Garou toon who might want to come down.

ala carte costs: 10/day or 15/weekend, money raised will go right back into the event. You'll have to byocampsite/hotel/whatever, or just drive down for the day and hang out with us.

Third, we've been working BEHIND THE SCENES setting up an IC justification for the whole sept hanging out at a State Park for the weekend, but we encourage you guys to work on that IC as well, team building exercise, boot camp, whatever, we leave that for your IC leadership to work out, in accordance with our no NPC leadership policy. Smile



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